TFunnel — Sales and marketing software for small business

Own a personal online marketing factory and win sales for your business

It's a long way to the top if you market your services online to get clients. TFunnel helps you engage with visitors, prospects and clients through their lifetime with tailored campaigns to increase sales.

Increase prospects inflow with built-in marketing campaigns

Start filling your sales pipeline with prospects and nurture them with built-in automation marketing campaigns.

WIth industry-proven methodology under the hood you get a set of marketing campaigns ready to use on your website.

What's inside

Every campaign has it’s own marketing mechanics inside already designed, programmed and tested so you don’t need to worry about all that stuff. Check out what the Pop-up eBook promo is built of to get the idea of campaigns.

Engagement page

The page you enage website visitos with, containing a headline, appealing heroshot and a Call-to-Action button.

Thank-you page

Thank your prospect for the interest and let him know the details of what will happen next.

Follow-up e-mail

Send your prospects an e-mail with a link to download your content

Valuable content

Upload an eBook or other content into TFunnel storage and it becomes available to your prospects right away.

Launch campaigns the easy way

No IT guy required

Use built-in visual editing tools to tailor every campaign asset: e-mails, landing pages, in-page blocks. Not sure what header is the best? Give both variants a try and find a winner automatically: TFunnel tests variations of your product page and finds the best match bringing you the most clients.

Act visually

Use built-in visual editing tools to tailor e-mails, landing pages and confirmation screens.

A/B tests inside

Create page variants  and leave it to TFunnel to find which one converts the best.

No coding

Launch campaigns with no need in IT specialists. Push the “Launch” button and it’s already there!

See how campaigns perform, find bottlenecks and act on it

No set up fee
Start in 3 minutes
Pay only for result: $6,90 per potential client

The whole sales pipeline under your fingertips

While TFunnel campaigns are doing all the routine working hard to fulfill your sales pipeline, you manage your qualified prospects to close deals and turn prospects into customers.

Combine campaigns together to move your prospects through sales pipeline

Engage visitors

Engage your website visitors with campaigns to get them into your sales pipeline

Nurture prospects

Educate incoming prospects to help them learn more about your benefits 

Win the deals

While all the routine is taken care of, spend your time to speak with the most promising sales leads.

Marian Kay
Customer Guide
at TFunnel

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